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Importance of the 5th Amendment

Here`s a Lew Rockwell piece 



Here a defense attorney and a policeman tell you "Do not talk to the police!".  Starting at about 8 minutes he gives 8 reasons how you will hang yourself if you blab to the cops without a attorney present ...even if you are pure as the driven snow.



Here`s the funny way that society has changed in the last 45 yrs.  Back in the late 60`s a hippy liberal would be nodding his head in agreement to what advice is being presented here.  Flash forward to today, it is the liberals that will be shocked in disbelief at the advice of "not talking to the cops".  Even if those same older liberals that called cops "pigs" as they drove their GTO to see Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, back in `69.  My how things change Smiley Happy