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BA Deere
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In Amerika there will never be a real debate

By Paul Craig Roberts   I musta had the right combination of Folgers and Honey Bunches of Oats this morning, because I find myself agreeing with him.

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Re: In Amerika there will never be a real debate

It is a powerful piece BA.  Roberts is seldom off mark. Thank you. 


But unfortunately if you ran into town this morning you'd find, as we all would, that a signinficant % of the people that you would attempt to address these matters with fully trust the government on most of this stuff.  Convinced that the world and their future prospects changed dramaticly on 9/11 they'll tolerate anything done in the name of abstarct "security". Billions or maybe even trillions have been made on gadgetry, paper shuffling, constituent pork greasing...etc.etc.etc.  And we have sold out our current democracy, and most likely our legacy of democracy, for it all.


If you are in agreement with him on the many points he makes and want to act on it let us know when you've got Occupy Mason City set up and we'll come over and stand a line with you  . Smiley Surprised


There are other chioces.  Yves Smith addresses some of the same things that Mr. Roberts did and references alternatives::