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bruce MN

In case you haven’t had time

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Veteran Advisor

Re: In case you haven’t had time

I just wonder how many Americans there actually are like you, with the TDS that bad that they fail to move on and accept the results of the last election?

Was in a federal office, the portrait of POTUS Trump was smiling, a nice picture btw that probably was worth the wait, and I see good signs of a successful presidency on a daily basis.

How about posting about the price transparency rules for the medical providers that are coming soon by executive order? That is actual news and will do more to rein in medical costs than anything the skinny Kenyan ever did. 

How about Trump exercising good judgment and not falling for the trap set by the Iranians and their friends, probably including several American traitors?

Did you attend the pride parade last weekend?

Senior Advisor

Re: In case you haven’t had time

You sure this isn't satire? Can't believe anyone would waste the time.