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“In for a penny, in for a pound”

Early on, an epic MAGA icon.

Trying to shake the mantle, or an epiphany?

Probably makes no difference. Primary looming. 

Is there going to be a new acronym to learn? M(aga)INO?

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Senior Advisor

Re: The phrase, "eat their own" comes to mind

The republicans' loyalty test is whether you believe a demonstrable lie, and nothing else.

It used to be the republican loyalty test was "low taxes", or "small government", or "right to life" but not anymore, nothing so mundane as that.  Now the republican loyalty test is "the Big Lie".

Re: The phrase, "eat their own" comes to mind

District watch Alert Rick:

Our own Red’s MN 1st. Won twice by a 90% MAGA guy who is terminally ill. 

Seat likely to be open,  after having been represented by D and R moderates previous to the sick guy (one of them now our Governor).

Odds on favorite for GQP nomination is Red’s buddy and State Rep.

It’s a light purple District.

The guy won’t get the nomination for any reason other than loyalty. What’s become of the precinct and County leadership demands that.