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In the What Were You Thinking Segment

On the way to Apple Valley today (in my Leaf, of course) I saw a couple of things that really stood out.

First, was along Hwy 52 just south of Co Rd 42, they have those large gardening plots on both sides of the road. That soil there is not the sand we have here in Cannon, it's heavier and wetter. But, there was a group of people out there with a front tine garden tiller, tilling a spot maybe 150 x 75 feet - maybe a bit more. It was all mud....then they had several others with garden takes, trying to bust up the clods. Really? Really. They must not believe in the plant in the mud jingle.

Beyond that...I have reported several times over the last year, about the new houses going up by Apple Valley. I took Co Road 42 today, instead of 46. In one development before you get to Apple Valley, there has to be a hundred new homes under construction - I haven't been that way for awhile, but it was just amazing. Too bad they weren't just digging the foundations, then Trump could take the credit. This development has been under construction for a while, with many homes just completed, or being completed. Amazing...