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In the name of....Capitalism?

Guess we knew that Bono was a little smarter than the average rock and roller when he took his earnings out of Ireland's taxation and decided that he would decide how he wanted to support charitable causes himself.


The aging rock star is looking a lot like WIllie Nelson these think they have have been living similar lifestyles?


Gil Gutknecht writes another one of his stellar columns. Shows that outstate Minnesota is where the cerebral mass is.


Dirt poor Venezuela down one road....filthy rich capitalistic Trump America down the other fork...hmmm....really hard decision, right?

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Re: In the name of....Capitalism?

That’s an excellent piece.  


Gil has always been a sharp guy.  I recall being at a debate between Gil and Tim Walz the year the seat flipped.  You may have been there as well.  At MSU....overflow crowd.The moderator was a political reporter from one of the TC papers.  I believe the Pioneer Press.  His summation of the event was that “either way, the 1st is going to have a very good Congressman.”.


Gil doesn’t use the word but his critical description is of bipartisan sanctioned neoliberalism. A retreat from that requires putting a bridle on finacialized monopolistic capitalism.  He says exactly that.  But there will be no forum for a rational discussion of that underthe hybrid ogre that the GOP has become.  Tea Party, AOC more birds of a feather than most people realize.  In the end it will probably depend on who has the most effective evangelists, reaching the most people’s perspective of their experiences.  Convincing someone who is relatively comfortable somewhere around the 70th percentile that an effective high tax rate on marginal income or wealth above say, 5 or 10M, could be better for them becomes easier and there’s might be some progress on what Gil (and Bono) are talking about. 



What’s more likely to happen

Not Gil’s sort of Republican.


Not many state GOPs will be able to avoid it.


Re: In the name of....Capitalism?

really not sure what your post means. What does it translate to in English?


Re: What’s more likely to happen

Still perplexed at how you view Gil as something akin to a fruitloop….I have read his writings and he seems pretty clear on knowing his rear from a hole if you know what I mean. If you have something where he is coming out for confiscatory 70 percent tax rates, please share it.


I know that he did come out somewhat for Middle East disengagement, and early on....which Trump has been following through on, so he has that going for him, which I applaud.


Gil lost to Tim Walz on the term limit thing, right? If not for that ill advised move, Tim would probably be retiring from a teaching job, we would not be looking at legalized recreational drugs in MN, etc. Walz really did a 180 from the common sense guy in 2006 to whatever he is now as governor....what view didn't Walz change? Probably a shorter list than the one of his consistencies.


The frog in a slow pot of boiling water fits the political change in Minnesota...even you a decade ago would be scratching your head at what is considered mainstream fruitloop dogma in contemporary Minnesota liberal circles.