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bruce MN

Re: In your mind, what's a good day?

Weren't many coyotes around here (thick with them now) when nearly everybody had livestock outside. It's generally accepted that the coyotes moved in when the swine integrators started up with the non-pig owner contracted sites and the grain farmers who had suddenly become hog janitors didn't know how to call the rendering works and drug them out to the woods or fencelines and it was just too easy for the coyotes that they had no choice but to stay and multiply.


The "big brother" evil government state board of animal health has implemented some rules that make it not such a good idea to do that now. There is getting to be alot of on -farm composting. Vermin and scavangers seem to stay out of them.


The kids around here seem to shoot alot of them but there is no shortage. Adn they likely do keep the deer population down a bit, hurtin the cash flow for the body shop owners.  

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Thanks Much!

@marketeye wrote:

Milligan Hay,


I really like your comments about placing flags at the cemetery with the VFW. My dad, as a member of the American Legion, has done that exact same thing in Shenandoah, Iowa, for 15 years. I talked with him this past weekend and he was getting ready to do it again. What a great service. Thanks for doing that. I'm sure that if those fallen soldiers could talk they would have nothing but gratitude to share.



Thanks Mike.... The gratitude is all mine for those great guys that have defended our liberties with everything they had.... some giving it all.  I am trying to make it a yearly tradition that I get to do with my son, in hopes that he, in turn will make it his tradition with his kids.  He does get "credit" for the volunteer hours for working toward his Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts, but truly, that was the last thing on his mind.... as he told me that it was great to hang around with genuine American heroes.  Tell your Dad that I admire him as well.  Craig. 🙂

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Re: In your mind, what's a good day?

Not a good start for a 'good day' temperature is 8C and I have been sitting on an open tractor trying to spray in too much wind AND there is a problem with the radar for the controller so here we go to the parts men again.


I have been thinking about your question and came to the conclusion that what works for one person will not work for the next.

My wife is happy when she can go shopping, I am happy if she allows me to stay home.Smiley Very Happy 

gough whitlam
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Re: Thanks Much!

Oooooooooh.  Give me a break.  I can hear the violins playing in the background.  Mike rockets out of bed and praises the Lord, sucks a coffee and gives his old lady a touch, all in the name of god of course. He staggers to the cemetry under the influence of caffeine and throws flowers about with gay abandon on the graves of the guys who gave their lives so the US can pollute the earth further with oil.  Freedom and Liberty?  You have to be joking.