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bruce MN

Inauguration guests?

My sister in law and her husband have a provisional invitation in hand, courtesy of their Congressman, with the understanding that in the event of VP Biden being  inaugurated it may be a small, virtual event and no crowd will be present. 

Do you suppose if the Dennison team and the current VP are successful in pulling off the Jan 5 miracle that is undoubtedly going to be attempted that while there would then most obviously be oneof those “huge, biggest in history” versions that Kyle Rittenhouse and Officer Chauvin will be near the podium? 

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Senior Contributor

Re: Inauguration guests?

Do we know if swalwell & feinstein's chinese spies are invited?

Dang, if only I had the million dollar donation inauguration fee laying around to put in senile joe's pocket - get me one of those pay for play prime spots.