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Incredible stockpile of automobiles

No time right now to fact check this right now but if legit,, what the he!!?
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Re: Incredible stockpile of automobiles

Google mapped a couple of the sites they mentioned, and there are large yards full of countless cars, but there is no way of knowing why they are there by the map, only that they are there.

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Re: Incredible stockpile of automobiles

Sounds like it`s false**bleep**-1578124255 


I do know what they`re trying to say though, workers in the motorhome industry work overtime and Saturdays, yet those that deliver motorhomes claim the dealer lots are full, the manufacturer`s lots are full.  It`s like they are anticipating a flush of buying this summer.  However, you look at a 5 yr price of Winnebago stock, it just bounces around in the 20s, not exactly setting the world on fire. If this promised recovery doesn`t occur this summer, we are in for some lean times with all this inventory.

Re: Incredible stockpile of automobiles

I'd have hoped so. Z Hedge caught with the bait in it's mouth has to be a major buzz kill for our Sammy tho' ,

Re: Incredible stockpile of automobiles

165,000 cars built daily worldwide (not sure if that includes weekends) so it is hard to know what to make of that sort of anecdotal evidence- there would naturally be several hundred thousand to a million sitting around somewhere.


Although I do believe recent data has shown some inventory build in the US although not of a historically alarming degree.


A mere 165,000 cars a day to add to or replace the estimated 10 billion worldwide- of course it is ridiculous to think that man could have an impact on our terrestrial sphere.

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Re: Incredible stockpile of automobiles

I know what you mean. My son and his wife have a car and pickup. They have 4 children and each of them has a car and most of them have a girlfriend or a boyfriend with with a car. Their garage is full of the kids possessions and the drive way and the curb is usually full of cars.


Some times they are thoughtful and leave a spot for grandpa and grandma.  People do need alot of cars but this amassed group of cars would not dollar up to a whole lot!.