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Industrialized Farming

I have grown up on a small farm my whole life, so industrialized farming always seemed to me something that took away from my family. I felt that they did things to harm the environment, their animals, and even their workers. I have never had a very high opinion of those big city farms that made all the money. It was not until recently that I realized that I was really only being fed one side of the story; that not all big industrialized farms are like that. Take a look at this article and see what I mean. Thanks for your time!


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Re: Industrialized Farming

Well, I look at the Bigshots with 8 semis, 2 or 3 combines, carts and crew and they pull into a 200 acre field when I leave to pound away on my little patches.  When I return all evidence of a standing crop are gone, a little roaring the next night and it`s all black, I could probably rent them my ground and they wouldn`t even notice the extra work.  So in the end, they will probably win all the marbles.


With livestock, the CAFOs could stick all my hogs into one of their buildings along with theirs and not notice the difference and the same with sticking my cattle into one of their monoslopes.  the feed trucks might have to make just an extra visit the semi hauling the finished animals wouldn`t have to make many significant trips.


The thing is, all my money is spent locally, industrial ag model takes bids and if something is cheaper anywhere else in the world, they have enough volume to bring it in to help their bottomline. I wonder if the new equipment and buildings they need can be afforded with $2.90 cash corn and 35¢ cash hogs?  But yeah when it`s all working they can crank out alotta cheap food.