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Veteran Advisor


Trump is doing this and that

And he has covid19...and he

still refuses to wear a mask.


He is a threat to this country...

Infecting people in the white

House...some of these people

Have very sensative jobs and

Are in charge of national



And....the icing on the cake....

HE stopped talks on a COVID19

package....HE of all people should

Now understand this....but no

he throws a temper tantrum.


Frankly, his actions of the past

Several days calls question of

his ability to lead and stability

Of commander in cheif.

I believe he is having side

Effects of covid19 and should

be relieved of command.


But the people in washington who's job it is to make this happen

When needed are gutless wonders.

They are too busy playing politics

Rather than care for the good

Of the country.

A man who's oxygen level would

Have disallowed him from

Driving a vehicle, would not

Be allowed to sign legal documents..would not be

Considered to be in control

Of themselves....was left to 

Be in control this nation.

If you cant see how big of a 

Problem, and how dirty this

Bunch are byond help.

It is just insane....

I welcome you responce...but needs to be science

And medical based, not a bunch

Of whatever the trump people

Are pushing.....

Sorry there is no....none excuise

For what has happed and is going

On....the LAW states when he

Is unable ti perform his duties.

When be is mentaly impaired...

He can not do his duties.