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Interesting, a few days ago ....

Interesting, a few days ago, the radical right contingent here exploded in a paroxysm of outraged indignation when Townhall (or RedState?) claimed to have identified the Capitol police officer who supposedly shot Ashli Babbitt.  I gave their story a few days to what would come of it but it seems that even Fox News & Newsmax hasn't reported anything on it.  You would think that Fox would have at least said something by now.

  I guess their afraid of getting sued.


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Re: Interesting, a few days ago ....

Blue Anon says that Ashli Babbitt shot herself.


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Re: Interesting, a few days ago ....

I agree rick.  truth is they've never officially said who pulled the trigger.   why is that?

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Re: Interesting, a few days ago ....

I suspect that calling it an "insurrection at the capitol" and "trespassing by forcible entry" justifies the shooting in blue-ville.  Apparently doesn't matter that she wasn't armed (?), other police were around her, other police were down the hall, and the shooter was concealing himself inside the door of the room to the left, just waiting to shoot whoever came thru the hallway door, with no announcement of "stop, get on the floor, facedown", etc.

Or, it could just be because she was "white".