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Interesting about my account

I've not posted on here for a very long time, until recently.  When I did it accepted my password that I've used for a very long time.  But then it said I had to change to something better with numbers etc.


I just looked at my account an now it says I've been a member for 3 days.

My records look like I was here 5 years ago though.  So, I bet if you change your password it will look like you've just joined.


By the way, it's cold outside and I got rid of my livestock so I have more time to be on the computer.  Smiley Happy


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Re: Interesting about my account

Found this on the site

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Re: Interesting about my account

Don't recall why, but I think many of the registrations had to be restarted sometime in 2010, for those that have been around here that long.  I know mine was restarted in 2010.