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Veteran Advisor

Re: Interesting hearing

@r3020 wrote:

This is not about finding answers. This is about painting all conservatives as domestic terrorist.

If the shoe fits…..

I don’t see all Conservatives as domestic terrorists.   I do however, so those that have had their minds poised by the Bass Tards like Trump, Rush, Fox, and all the rest, that have held up the banner saying “We will not compromise on anything - EVER!”

Then, add to that the constant lies that they frame under “my first amendment RIGHTS!!!”   To the point where a statement has to be made, like “alternative facts”.

If you believe the alternative facts, you COULD BE a domestic terrorist.   If you fly a Bass Tard Trump flag, and drive it around - it’s highly likely you ARE a domestic terrorist. If you still support the known liar and con man that was our former so called president - you ARE part of the domestic terrorist cult.