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Interesting piece on how Ukraine can take back Crimea

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Re: Interesting piece on how Ukraine can take back Crimea

(Interesting piece on how Ukraine can take back Crimea

Wouldn't obama / biden have to repay putin for the pay for play assistance they received from putin for helping putin take crimea - obama / biden's so-called "flexibility" fee?   Or has the statute of limitations expired?

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Re: More evidence of Russian failure.

Russia's Southern/Eastern offensive is already two weeks old and they have made almost imperceptible gains. This doesn't bode well for Russia.  Every day, Ukraine becomes stronger, with more & better weapons, every day the Russian army depletes itself by attacking Ukrainian positions even if the Ukrainians need to withdraw to newly established positions.  45 days is about the limit before combat effectiveness declines rapidly.  The Ukrainian army can rotate their people off the line even if for only short periods, 3-7 days.  The Russians can't easily do that because, for one, they don't have that many people, & two, they have nowhere for them to go.

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Another oil depot

Actually 2 depots.

One at a military depot that supplies troops in Donbas

Ukraine seems to be one step ahead of Russia and Russian defences 

The Russians now in part of Ukraine may have to hitch hike home if fuel for transports is burning up in depot explosions.