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Re: Interesting polling results

@bruce MN wrote:

Is that a suggestion that we should have stayed out of that one? Settled for a world run by the winner between the Axis powers and the U.S.S.R. dominated European Allies?


Let the rest of Europe and the near East be rebuilt under a Marshall plan, OK, but run out of Berlin or Moscow? Make China and the rest of Pacific Asia an extension of Hirohito's  Japan?


just wonderin'.

I was just pondering out loud.  It will be whatever some "Mr. Big and his Big (zionist) Banker Friends" decide to do. They will pull the puppet strings of Zero and have him read the words they write for him on the teleprompter.  Oy Vay.


The dems would be very, very wise in crossing the lines and throwing the fullest support for Ron Paul as their only way forward.  Zero is looking a lot more like the HMS Titanic, every day.

Re: Interesting polling results

Don't insult someone who considers you  a freind, Sam. We've communicated enough for you to know better than to say:


"I know you consider anything but the official history as taught k-12 to be revisionism"


as I bought very little of the standard line as I was being fed it and was always looking under the rug, or behind the curtain,.


And I agree with you 100% on WW1 ultimately being the cause of WW2 and, to add, ultimately setting up the spheres of power that got us the Cold war.


Does it need to be remembered that we were the "lender" in WW2 because we were more or less simply a banking vehicle or service, with the base collateral for all practical purposes still sitting over where the fighting was going on? We hadn't saved a dim as we roared through teh industrial age. Had no reason to. Too much real wealth was being created and being shared by, (or benefiting  so as not to sound Marxist or something) so many, TR had cleaned up the system of crass plutocracy and things were gettin' done. Good things. Check the dates on the original certificates of constructionand occupancy on the millions of substantial residential dwellings in our cities, for example.


The allure that ultimatley got us in (and getting us in was hard, hard work for both the Anglo-Saxxons and the Huns). The U.S. public and it's representatives resisted  the banks and the industrialists mightily, but finally gave in) may have been as much for continued assurance of that collateralization as much as anything. Our shores still weren't under threat in WW2 with the technology of warfare that had been developed by then. Surely dirigibles, bi-planes and bayonets weren't going to come on to our shores. The Red Baron wasn't going to come in cruising over Toledo.


And yet, the depressed conditon  that is what was feared by loss of access to all of that good money?  We got it anyway. Because somebody decided that it was OK to allow somebody else to try to make something out of debt driven speculation and then  try to pass it off as real wealth.


We'd never allow that again now, would we.?

Re: Interesting polling results

You've screamed revisionism numerous times. Not to play 9rh grade grammar teacher, but with the parans, incomplete sentences, and mixed dates I can't figure out what the rest is saying.