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Interesting take on Trump from Mytheos Holt

Rush Limbaugh decyphers it for us, but basically Mytheos says Trump is able to fight for conservatism successfully in ways that no other "real conservative" candidate has been able or would be able to do.   If you think about it, us Republicans nominate a nicey-nice guy afraid to take out the brass knuckles, he`s got his red tie and flag pin, holding the Bible and waving a AR-15 with the other, promising us he "won`t back down".   We nominate that guy and he subsequently loses or does sneak in, only to get a taste of the "Washington water", the result is always the line in the sand is always drawn behind us and we lose ground..sometimes inches...sometimes yards. 


Mytheos argues that the culture war is lost, Trump either understands this or inherently knows to move on and "make deals".   I caught a bit of Rep Ducan Hunter, that is saying `If Trump seals the border and re-does the unbalanced trade deals, that is 2 generational changes that we have to concentrate on'  .  We don`t have the luxury of worrying about Lenny and Squiggy getting married and where trannies go take a whizz.  Those ships have sailed, but we still can turn this trade around and stop this damned ridiculous immigration.


The way I look at this where trannies pee deal..look 1% of the population is homosexuals, the trannies are a weird minority within that group...I don`t know as I`ve ever seen a real life tranny.  So, trannies are maybe 1/10th of 1%?  Who knows, they`re maybe already peeing in the ladie`s room and do we want them in the men`s room?   It`s just another issue that is in reality too stupid to get bogged down with, the country is unsustainable, where .001 of the population pees isn`t going to make or break the country.


My concern is that "straight pervets" are going to use this change of laws for an excuse to go in the ladie`s room to get off on whatever gets them off.  But it`s like the left is trying to do with guns, allow people to carry guns all over, then as they hope it`s a really bad accident then they can say "SEE!!!  SEE!! we toooold you guns are dangerous We told you not to allow guns to be carried everywhere!!"...well, if perverts start doing weird things in bathrooms at a higher rate, we can pull the same crap on the left and say "SEE!! SEE!! We tooold you not to allow weirdos in the ladies room!!".


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Re: Interesting take on Trump from Mytheos Holt

You are now certifiably several bricks shy of a full load!!