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Interesting thread on FOXNews poll

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Re: Interesting thread on FOXNews poll

Everyone thinks they have a dog in the fight and it`ll be hell on earth if their team loses.  If Trump loses, it really will be hell on earth, because it`s no longer baby steps to socialism, "the Hickenloopers" don`t even have a name tag. it`s full out take guns away, open borders and fee stuff for Mexicans.

How anyone can be upset with President Trump is beyond me, the welfare checks have been coming on time, haven`t they? 

I remember a time when it was a concern that people weren`t deemed engaged enough in the election process. Commercials ran with Democrats, Republicans, actors all saying "Get out and vote!  It doesn`t matter who you vote for just exercise your Constitutional right and vote!".  My political atheist Dad would say "See, it`s so controlled that it doesn`t matter who wins.  One of the only rights we have left is not to participate in their damned voting."  And I didn`t  see much difference between Bush and Clinton, so the first ballot I cast was thrown away on Ross Perot.  Later in the 90`s I learned my lesson, the G-d damed Democrats will take your guns, so I became a straight ticket Republican voter.

I listen to a lot of NPR and I would say 80% on NPR is strategizing on defeating Trump and gleefully reporting bad economic news.  Click on late night talk shows and monologes aren`t humor but giving news on defeating Trump and applause has replaced laughter that was once the goal of talk shows.  

So the nation has digressed into either being the dog chasing his lunch or the rabbit running for his life.

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Re: Interesting thread on FOXNews poll

The criticism i would have of that is that it only posits trump's popularity. 

If before 2016 you had ask people if they wanted trump for president a large majority would have said no.  But then at the ballot box its an either or.  Enough said no to the or.


Do a pole where its, do you want trump or this socialist that wants to use you as a piggy bank and the socialist might not look so good.    But maybe trump would still be worse.  Not making that prediction.


Re: Interesting thread on FOXNews poll

Don't think there's a serious student of the matter who believes that high turnout favors Republicans.


Re: Interesting thread on FOXNews poll

I, for one, am shocked, simply shocked that after 40 years of neoliberalism transferring virtually all economic gains to the upper tier,  socialism has become quite popular.

But a highly predictable matter that The Blob invests heavily to divert blame onto immigrants and Others.

The thing that I'll admit to being shocked by was The Blob's success in capturing much of the populist anger after they'd run the economy aground by '08.


Re: Interesting thread on FOXNews poll

Although The Blob's capture of The Good People could be observed right here, in real time.

You could watch the diversionary explanations hit daily, and The Usual Suspects as they embraced them.

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Re: Interesting thread on FOXNews poll

That will all change once Schiff releases his mountains of russia russia russia collusion evidence.