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Iowa US Senate Candidate - Mug Shot

Conlindrunk.jpgI was doing a bit of my opposition internet research and I came across the mug shot of US Senate from Iowa candidate , Roxanne Conlin.

I suppose that the dems won't make too much hay out of branstad's LG pick having two DUIs about ten years ago....because their candidate has the same.

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Re: Iowa US Senate Candidate - Mug Shot

What can you tell me about Branstad's LG pick.  I honestly didn't know anything about the woman untill I read about her being choosen by Brandstad for LG.   Sure must be the year of the woman in politics.  Maybe Palin is doing more good then she realises?  Dems and women rights groups should be happy with Palin if she is responsible for the recent uptick in more women getting involved and doing well in politics.