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Iran and NK

BTW, while having a five times bankrupt con man who had "The Art of the Deal" ghostwritten for him is a big plus going into negotiations with NK, there are still problems.


The argument- not without merit- that NK would never negotiate after Crooked Hillary deposed Khadaffy, the same would appear to apply as far as the David Dennison Admin. backtracking on a nuclear deal with Iran.


That effectively means that, should DD ever actually have a face to face with Kim, he has little to bargain with other than to tell him face to face that he's going to obliterate the place unless there's full surrender.


I'm not really seeing that- the surrender I mean- not so sure about the obliterating part.


We can hope, though, that after 60 years of  fumbling by US gubmint fools, we have really smart Good People in charge.

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BA Deere
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Re: Iran and NK

Obama`s Iran deal resulted in them possibly/probably getting a nuke weapon.   The deal, if there will be one with NK, will get them to discontinue the ICBM program that they already have.



Plus don`t forget all the pallets of cash money that Obama sent the Iranians.   You "truth tellers" should be having a cow about those "character issues".

Re: Iran and NK

Sure, whatever. Doesn't change the matter. 


He doesn't have a lot of latitude for negotiation but he may put on a heckuva reality TV show for you fanboys.



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Re: Iran and NK

BA; I would not hold my breath waiting for NK to get rid of their weapons or missiles.

What NK wants is to get rid of the US forces from South Korea.


IF NK gets rid of their weapons THEN we can celebrate but do not buy the supplies until it happens, hate to see them go to waste.


As for the money that Iran got, do you want to accept the truth or just keep regurgitating the false perception that your country actually paid them money.

What the truth is your country finally gave them back their own money.

Did you pay interest on it?

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Re: Iran and NK

They enjoy regurgitating the same old lies - it worked for them before. It keeps intact a base that only wants to know what they are told. The base at this point has been “conditioned “ (read: brainwashed) into thinking that anything that doesn’t come from Trump, or those that do the daily lying for him,is just “fake news”.

We know that the only way we can restore the US to greatness, is to get the Repulsives out in November. Want to see what a tidal wave looks like - watch after the elections.

Tick Tock.....BONGx10!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Iran and NK

As per all of these regurgitated mistruths- stupid or evil?


I used to give some the benefit of the doubt but since they've all fallen under the sway of an evil con man I'm not so much.

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Re: Iran and NK

Iran sponsored groups to kill Americans. They forfeited any claim to money by their deeds. 


I suppose that you would have paid Adolf Hitler for the loss of the Hindenburg at the landing in New Jersey. 

Re: Iran and NK

Thank heavens all you guys were against it when GWB and the neocons lied and botched the Iraq invasion, thus removing the bulwark against Iran and putting the Shiites in control.


Oh, I forgot. Being Good People means you don't have to say sorry.

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Re: Iran and NK

I didn't support the Iraqi invasion, but Mrs. Clinton did.


Hope that helps.

Re: Iran and NK

Not sure what you were saying then.

But it would be out of character that you would have departed from your central defining purpose of contempt for lesser persons.