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Iraq/Syria/Iran: Stay or Go?

Rather than leave the question to Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump, perhaps it would be wiser to simply allow the same men and women who control the federal purse strings to decide on continuing this seemingly endless Middle East war gambit.

Stay or Go? Let our courageous elected representatives in the House and Senate now choose...that is, let them choose if any of them have the guts to actually hold a vote on whether we can finally leave the dysfunctional people of Iraq, Syria, and Iran to their own well earned devices.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Iraq/Syria/Iran: Stay or Go?

Good call. Foreign entanglements should reflect the will of the people, and not of the military industrial complex, and what better way to have someone accountable than to have recorded votes by elected representatives?

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Iraq/Syria/Iran: Stay or Go?

On first blush I'd say you'd get quite a few more D votes than R, given that the war hawk wing is still dominant in the GOP, and they get a lot of campaign moolah thereof.

On the other hand, in the Age of Trump we can just spend defense money as a pure form of Republican Keynesianism- run stimulative deficits without having to give away any Free Stuff to people who don't deserve it- and otherwise just perform at halftime shows and parades for Dear Leader.

And your occasional mercenary gig for Jared's bankers, and what not.

BTW, I'm sure you're not concerned but the UK is saying that The Special Relationship is over, owing to the erratic and dangerous conduct of this administration.