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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor


Part of the justification for the slaughter is their religion and their refusal to convert to Islam. They are on a hiding to nothing because the gutless terrorists know they have a religion to begin with. The ultimatum they give them was always destined to end that way because the poor wretches don't know any different.

The basic human instinct is to survive so, for instance, if an atheist was threatened to convert to Islam or else, I think I could fake a conversion long enough. After all, because there is no god of any description anywhere it means nothing to change a religion or fake one. It really only requires you to wave your hands , scream about Allah and pray for virgins. The same ratbaggery exists all of the world as does the hypocrisy in respect to ones devotion. Probably they might survive? It might be a temporary stay of proceedings just long enough.