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Ironic isn't it.

Residents of southeastern Kentucky complain about all the record flooding, disaster & devastation, "why does this keep happening to us"?

  The answer is simple, it's not rocket science, it's just high school physics.   For two hundred years they made their living mining coal,  the same coal which when burned made CO2, the same CO2 which trapped heat making the atmosphere and oceans significantly warmer.  Warmer oceans mean more water evaporation into a warmer atmosphere which can hold more water vapor, which when it does turn to rain, dramatically increase rainfall amounts making the flooding more frequent and more severe, especially in a region of mountains & narrow valleys.  

  They are literally the agents of their own hardship with no one to blame but themselves.

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Re: Ironic isn't it.

Does the coal burned in china affect the rains in KY?

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Re: Ironic isn't it.

(Does the coal burned in china affect the rains in KY?)

No, just coal mined inside the exact State borders of Kentucky.

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Re: Ironic isn't it.


Oh my, that's some serious science school'in going on in that there post of yours. Why just trying to follow the syllogisms alone made it as special as it was memorable. Good stuff and keep it coming.

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Re: Ironic isn't it.

The Kentucky coalminers are just doing their part to provide fuel for electric vehicles.  If people stopped buying EV`s, perhaps Kentucky wouldn`t flood.