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Is Romney the nominee?

Will the RNC try to ban Massachusetts delegation the way they have Nevada?


What may be the most embarrassing moment yet for Mitt Romney, during the race for the 2012 Republican Nomination, happened over the weekend in the very state in which he is the former Governor and calls home.

Ron Paul won.

Even though it was reported Sunday that Mitt Romney himself was apparently responsible for picking the slate of Massachusetts State Delegates he was hoping everyone would vote for, his delegates.

Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, that didn't happen.

Instead, over half of the delegates he was hoping people would vote for never made it, including notable State Republicans such as the House Minority Leader and other state politicians who even wanted to remain nameless.

Romney lost so badly in his home state that Ron Paul supporters were even voted in as the majority of the Alternate-Delegates, spiting hopefuls that included a popular 2010 gubernatorial candidate and a prominent Sheriff.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Here`s how they did it, Sam.

Taxachusettes, has a "open primary"       There were some Democrats up to mischief.  Now, I like Ron Paul and caucused for him in Iowa, I was only 1 of 9 supporting him, I forget where he came in .....4th or so.  My advice for Romney is to handle this politely at all costs because it could determine if the real Paul supporters will back him in the general. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Here`s how they did it, Sam.

What world do you fools live in???


Results for Massachusetts Republican Primary (U.S. Presidential Primary)
Mar 06, 2012 (100% of precincts reporting)
Mitt Romney265,11072.2%
Rick Santorum44,25512%
Ron Paul35,0379.5%
Newt Gingrich16,9904.6%

Mitt Romney
265,11072.2% 41
Rick Santorum
Ron Paul
Newt Gingrich
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2012 Primary Process

Delegate Allocation: Of the 41 delegates, 27 are allocated proportionally by Congressional district to candidates receiving a minimum of 15 percent of the statewide vote. Eleven at-large delegates awarded proportionally based on statewide vote to candidates receiving a minimum of 15 percent of the vote. Three Republican National Committee members are unbound.

Eligibility: Modified primary, open to registered Republicans and those who identify themselves as Republicans.

Re: Here`s how they did it, Sam.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Here`s how they did it, Sam.

Looks like the examiner reporter must have been on LSD when he did the article declaring paul the winner of the MA primary and getting over half of the delegates.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Here`s how they did it, Sam.

Can't you guys find the info to dispute me?  Or is it that you just pulled something out of your **bleep** orifice to try to rally the troops?

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Let Rachael Madow explain it.    About half way through she talks about Ron Paul ending up with most of Massachusetts` delegates.  I haven`t been keeping up with the primaries and actually thought Massachusetts just had their convention and posted a link for Sam showing the shall we say "strategy" that the Paul camp was going to use to win delegates.  Electing delegates can be complicated, something about "they`re obligated to vote for their candidate in the first round, but if it goes to a second round they`re free to vote for whomever they want".  I don`t completely understand it Schurrbart, so you don`t stand a prayer, but Madow(someone I`m sure you trust) seems to think Paul kinda somewhat "won" Massachusetts.  I`m voting for Romney, Sam`ll probably throw his vote away on Ron Paul, but I`m working on himSmiley Happy  And you, Schnurrbart are going to vote for the communist, so what do you care anyway? 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Let Rachael Madow explain it.

YOU took the word of a Liberal communist????  The sky must have fallen around you?  You even spread falsehoods by the opposition now.  BTW, I am not voting for a communist.  I will be voting for the Obama/Biden ticket and all that goes with it.  Also, BTW, I don't care who wins what in the repub side.  I just love it when you fools show ytour arse!