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Is Ron Paul

Harold Stassen reincarnate?

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Re: If nothing else

Ron Paul is being heard and his message about foreign entanglements is worth hearing. When I think about the trillions being spent world wide on military preparedness, it is staggering. What could be done to feed people and healthcare and future prosperity.

The ghost candidate...Roemer

Just might be the guy who all of the independents and progressives who seem to be somewhat attracted to Paul might really be looking for.   Heard last night that if he could hit 5% in one of the upcoming early  primaries that it would get him on to the following round of debates.

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Re: The ghost candidate...Roemer

I wish we could set him up on TV debating against 6 empty chairs. What the hell, they would let him on their debate.


Give him an hour or two on cspan to redefine those fine chaps in in the republican heirachy. Imagine the knot heads already have had several debates but someone of logic is excluded..


How in the world do we get anyone with new ideas if they are not able to present their case.

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Re: Is Ron Paul

My first thought was what do you guys care, neither of you would vote for him and then I realized your only interest is fragmenting the opposition.

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Re: The ghost candidate...Roemer

Obama needs to kick Biden to the curb and put Roemer on his ticket.

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Re: Ron Paul

I assume you are refering to his "perpetual" candidacy.  

Not going to have the political run of stassen had.


It tells us how disconnected we are getting from our political parties------Pauls popularity this time.


Formerly considered a cooky lightweight with his love of "pre-civil war" states rights, legalize pot, nuke 'em its cheaper, etc---------positions.  Now we are so sick of the two parties that we are listening.


His support is the usual libertarian leaning conservatives and now the young, who are finally realizing the government they voted for is not their friend.

Is he looking better because of our discouragement or does he have a shot????

I can sure see another hold your nose election coming.

I like what the tea party is doing ------------- but we need another "real" party soon-----------or maybe it hasn't gotten bad enough yet??



The hot air candidate...Roemer/Lieberman

Re: The hot air candidate...Roemer/Lieberman

Gotta tell ya', the Leiberman bit softens me up  on Roemer.  Hadn't heard that.  Wouldn't vote for Joe for dog catcher of Hooterville,


 Thanks for the tip.