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Is it him or you ??

Trump has told us time and time and time and
Time and Time again.... Mexico was going to
Pay for the wall.

Then why is he holding up the government....
Blaming everyone else but him....and doesn't
Care if it is months or years which would cripple
This country.

What kind if president makes that threat to the
American people ????

That isn't a president....that isn't a leader...

Tell me what he is

Oh....don't take my word for it

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Senior Contributor

Re: Is it him or you ??

(Trump has told us time and time and time and Time and Time again.... Mexico was going to Pay for the wall.)



Been through Trump's plan on how to have Mexico pay for the wall, you and the main stream media understand it so now it's just a liberal talking point.

I do wonder however, if Mexico wrote us a check to build the wall, would you, Nancy & Chuck then be in favor of an immoral wall? and allow it to be built? 


I know the definition of "immoral" has changed since Chuck and Hillary & Obama were for a wall; just wondering if someone gives you money to do something that you believe is immoral, do you take that money?

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Re: Is it him or you ??

This country is now being crippled by ILLEGAL aliens who rob, rape, and murder American citizens while being granted sanctuary by dem run cities and states. It is clear that dems are more concerned about the rights and welfare of ms-13 gang members than they are of law a biding tax paying American citizens. They want cheap labor for the rich donors and victimized American citizens are viewed as nothing more than collateral damage.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Is it him or you ??

We are being crippled by illegals???? Have we been crippled for decades or maybe for a century or has it just happened after trump got the presidency? FYI those rich people hiring illegals are mostly rightwingers including the number one rightwinger! You really do need a new writer. These rants are getting really old and aren’t any more true now than when you first aired them out 2 yrs ago!!
Senior Advisor

Re: Is it him or you ??

Yeah. Problem has been going on for years. Decades. No one has been able to solve it. The rich get richer at the expense of the poor. Now finally we have a president willing to solve the problem. Time to shut down the cheap labor from all of the right wing donors. Build the wall. Secure the border. Shut down ILLEGAL cheap labor once and for all.

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Re: Is it him or you ??

3020  - 2018  Brooklyn  Iowa   homicide  was  done  by  whom  -  legal  or  illegal  ? 

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Re: Is it him or you ??

the left side thoughts are not very helpful, much like most censoring or limiting others thoughts.



look what others have to say, besides the closed left of center parrots that must NOT be fed any information that

could cause them frustration, or unhappiness.


PROOF of my statement: