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Senior Advisor

Is it just me

or does it seem that the political and cultural moment for ignorant white male blowhards is drawing to a close?

In retrospect, Rush was certainly the prophet of the movement. 

Just as there is no replacement for Trump in Trumpism, his loss will also leave an unfillable void.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Is it just me

If you recall, after Rush threw GHWB under the bus in '92, GWB was carefully crafted into a Ru*****e candidate and was rewarded with 9 years of steadfast support.

The part where the ***** crowed came later, a different part of the story.

GWB was crafted into sort of a hybrid ignorant white male blowhard. The important stuff was dogwhistled and he did manly poses, all the while trying to hold onto a bit of the blue blood gentility.

Shortly thereafter the GOP went all in.