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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Is it time to end archaic practice of tipping?

LeSean McCoy left a 20¢ tip on a $60 bill...that`s 20¢, not 20%.  The waiter put the receipt for sale on Ebay and the latest bid is over $100,000.


My thought is why have tipping anymore?  Raise the prices to pay the employees what they should have, McCoy`s bill should`ve been $72 instead of $60, that would end these silly games.


If we are going to continue with these games, you are going to have tightwads that don`t tip at all.  The hell of it is, if you are the patron after a couple tightwads, the waitress is going to be in a bad mood and your service will suffer, which will lead you to maybe feel that you`re getting ripped off if you tip 20%.


Tipping should be a personal issue, to put a customer`s reciept on Ebay in public is very unprofessional and the way it sounds the manager was even in on it.  If the waiters talked among themselves about it, that`s fine, but going public crosses a line.   

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Is it time to end archaic practice of tipping?

I agree about the should just be part of the price. Charge a higher price from the getgo for a sitdown, waited upon meal, and pay the help accordingly. I rarely eat out, usually eat out at a serve yourself buffet , but I do tip about 15% when I do eat at a place with full service.