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Is son-in-law out?

Big daddy father in law seems to have ended any chance of his son in law being successful in the Mid East peace process.


An expected announcement by President Donald Trump that the US will become the first country to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital has been dubbed a "kiss of death" for the Middle East peace process by the Palestinians.

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Re: Is son-in-law out?

The Kushners are close family friends of Netanyahu and major donors to a settlement organization.


Anybody who ever believed any of that hooey about his "peace" efforts was......well, 'nuff said, unreality is the order of the day.


After the neocon strategy for the US to colonize the greater middle east failed spectacularly, Israel pivoted to just keeping everybody fighting everybody all the time. The Palestinians are locked up in their concentration camp and subsisting on bread and water- they aren't a threat to anybody other than to launch some minor "outrageous terrorist incident" that will be endlessly spun to justify the occupation.


They're triangulating with the Saudis to fight Iran/Syria/Hizbollah*- probably to the last American, or at least the last $USD.


With the exception of a few orthodox extremists like Kushner this move won't be universally popular with American Jews. It will be popular with a certain set of Christians who follow a weird and recently invented theological attachment to Israel.


And, I assume with the set of folks who don't care about anything other than sticking it in the faces of the "so-called experts" because it is their right to just know whatever they'd like.


The End Days nigh

in the theological cul-de-sac that I mentioned, "rebuilding the temple" and all that is a big deal for the End Times*.


Even you might be shocked by this but that stuff actually began when Lord Rothschild hired a convicted felon from the US named Cyrus Scofield to produce an "annotated" version of the Christian bible that tied the various prophetic threads into an interpretation that a future State of Israel was a necessary condition for the long awaited Second Coming.


Whatever accusations that might open me up to, what I wrote is true.


I'm with you that religion is being used to create all sorts of mayhem, which is different matter than that of faith.


*if you think that Trump is leading us to crazyland you ain't seen nuthin' yet. If that particular crazy and not insignificant part of his base will stay behind him he'll do anything.


They're particularly well represented in places like AL....oh well....I'll let that pass.






Religion notes

I'm a member and regular congregant in a United Methodist congregation. There's some of that stuff that floats around our circles but it is mostly contained by the doctrine.


Anyway, our institution will cease to exist after the special conference that has been called for '19. On the surface the fight is over gay marriage and ordination.


In reality it is about our support of BDS. Trump lawyer Jay Sekolow is head of the Religious Freedom Foundation which pays him a huge salary and gives him a private jet. He uses that jet and the very substantial resources to fly to Africa where he stirs up our churches there over the issue and caused the forcing of the issue. This is happening to the Episcopalians and other mainline denominations as well.


The old denominations are very centrist and classically American in terms of how politics go. The strategy is to kill them while supporting wingnut churches.


You are quite correct to view religion with an abundance of suspicion although, as I said, I regard that as distinct from faith.


Re: Religion notes

That would presumably be what Sam Brownback will be tasked with as our Ambassador for Religious Freedom.

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Re: Religion notes

well nox, you opened the religion can of worms, so i'll throw in a few nickels into the donation plates.


the church you mentioned, I also go to one of them, along with another community church.  There has not been much talk about

it yet.  From what I understand the Presbyterian church has already tackled this issue, the result was they lost members, but

"are still standing".

From what I understand, the Catholic church as touched on the long as your not "active", you can come thru the



Our Methodist bunch is rather older, but some younger.  seems to be 2 groups.....ones that don't do a bunch of reading and the like

and would say NO........The others that read and think, (not saying the others are dumb, they just don't go to the bible studys or

read the bible a lot) tend to be "welcoming".


if they vote yes, the membership will drop.....but are they strong enough to keep going......good question.  ours will be ok,

they inherited well, but smaller ones that didn't do as good, might fall apart.


please bare with me with my "loose" religion, but I guess I kind of go along with the catholic answer.  while the bible says

that a man should lay with another man like he does with a women ((note nothing mentioned about the women tho !)),

that the lord finds that "terrible".........we can read later in the bibe that god is a forgiving and loving god, and that

all things are possible with god, and if you confess your sins you will be forgiven.


so if you are "behaving" yourself, I don't have a problem........


we were told the most important thing is to love our god

the second to love our fellow man.....

the NIV version tries to give unbiased wording of the bible, with somewhat "modern" language. 


although it was only a tv show........"all in the family" I think helped us understand things and perhaps "grow".

many people could identify with archie.....but look how he grew.....he unstood the draft dodgers, while not agreeing with

them, he understood their feelings and reasons for it....he give the gift of life back to someone.....only to find out they

were gay, but he learned that they were not some odd creature from another planet,  he kissed a black man, 

Sammy davis jr.  and had a little girl in his care that was jewish......and archie went to a jewish school and



some will say it was a tv show, and the episodes were written as such to help sway the American public.


but I personally find it good, it helped open our minds, challenged us to think.  


there is my nickel's worth

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Re: Religion notes

But "faith", just believing in something that there is no evidence of is what allows religions and religious to 'just believe' whatever they want to 'believe' and therefore the problems we see in the world.


Re: Religion notes

Not trying to covert you, just saying that they aren't the same thing.



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Re: Religion notes

Not likely to convert me as I stick to fact based knowledge but as I noted they may not be the same thing but faith or just believing in something that there is no evidence of allows you to just believe in anything that suits you.


BTW with the good book you will be able to find a verse or two that will support any belief you find suits your taste.

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Re: Religion notes

Your opinion has very little value here now doesn't it.