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Re: Stanley McChrystal - Warrior General

I'm a little pessimistic about the outcome of the future election.  I wouldn't be surprised if Obama dropped "bite-me" and took on Hillary as VP which then sets up the following election.  Obviously I hope for a change, but despite his numerous shortcomings Hillary could easily pull in enough of the necessary votes which could be tottering. 

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Ahhh,

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Re: Stanley McChrystal - Warrior General

One would think that Hillary's time as Secretary of State has helped boost her image as presidential material.  If the growing women movement continues in politics and Obama is sagging in the pols in two years then a switch VP from Biden to Hillary could be a smart move.  As you say this could also help set up Hillary and Dems for 2016 which should also help convince Dems and women to support Obama for a second term.