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BA Deere
Senior Contributor

Re: Is there anything worth doing

Schnurrbart, 4wd would not get very far as a person of power in today`s Democrat party, unless he greatly moderated those views. It is funny on here no one on the left has argued in favor of abortion. No one is big on gays getting married except  Canuck and Gough  No is really anti-gun except  Canuck   No one is too anti-religion except  Canuck and Gough   No one is pro-illegal amnesty except  Tom and maybe Canuck  So there are some common ground between Republicans and sensible Democrats Smiley Happy  It would be tough to let GM go under but I`m afraid they`ve only delayed the inevitable.

Red Steele
Senior Contributor

Re: Is there anything worth doing

To Bart, about the loss of GM jobs:


not sure where you came up with jobs being lost. GM attorneys had already done most of the bankruptcy filing preparation, and a somewhat orderly process would have occurred without any government intervention. GM would still have been making trucks and cars, and the loss of jobs that you describe, up and down the line, would not have occurred.


a post-bankrupt GM would have emerged, shed of the legacy costs of $80,000 per year retirees. Maybe you are getting a retirement pension of this magnitude...if you are, good for you, but you should not expect the US taxpayer to pay it for you.


The other losers would be the bondholders of GM, like those of any other bankrupt entity, and the stockholders.


Business entails risk, and the possibility of loss.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Is there anything worth doing

I won't tar everyone with tht brush, people act for all sorts of reasons. Actually knew someone who placed his operation at some risk when he gave sacrificially to the big Oral Roberts appeal about "gotta raise X or the Lord is taking me home."


Would note that there is reasonable public purpose in the inheritance tax at some level. The argument is what level and there is the rub. Incentivize people who have amassed great wealth to use it for some public good of their choice.


It is not a good idea to be creating hereditary financial dukedoms.


fwiw, h