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bruce MN

Is this conservative or progressive

Reading it I kept nodding “uh-huh. THEY have been saying this for a long time”.

And then was also thinking this is sorta, kinda like what the conservative guru R3020 has been struggling to put into words, struggling around the social and cultural stuff.

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Re: Is this conservative or progressive

Complicated. Auto execs, for instance, won’t be punished for the consequences of cutting chip orders.

Nor will Intel for spending $84B on stock buybacks.

All complexities are anathema to people like Turdy- in fact their existence is the sum total of the cause.


BA Deere
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Re: Is this conservative or progressive

I don`t get a lot of this post-Covid spending, those of us with gray hair tend to hunker down during tumultuous times. This is anecdotal but a guy at Winnebago told me if you wanted a new motorhome, it`s a 3 year wait.  Workers there have said they`ve been desperate for workers they`d get Manpower temps, halfway house jailbirds outta Mason City, most recently they been hiring Puerto Rico hurricane refugees. 

But it`s a demand driven market and they do have parts supply issues, a foreign made part whose factory was shutdown due to Covid has ripple effects to the assembly lines.  But they work 9, 10 hour days and sometimes Saturday.   They`ve cut older (more expensive) workers, you get too high on the pay scale and your job could be in jeopardy, a young Puerto Rican chomping at the bit to take your job at $14/hr.