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Is this where all of the crickets went?

Craig could possibly empathize with the bus driver.

The bus did have some police escorts, but outnumbered in vehicles by 50-1.

Just decent folks, I suppose, out trying to encourage those last few undecided voters.

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Re: Is this where all of the crickets went?

Didn’t you know that a civil war is going on?  

The bus driver should have known that driving in Texas in that thing wasn’t a good idea. 

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Re: Is this where all of the crickets went?

People who rationalize burning looting and murder getting pevish about peaceful citizen action is quite funny. 

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Re: Is this where all of the crickets went?

Sounds like it is much safer than dem controlled Minneapolis Minnesota. Defunding the police seems to have consequences.



A 72-year-old woman stopped when she heard a teenager yell to her from a distance. Alarmed, she tried to shoo him away, but the teen and a friend rushed toward her, she said, grabbed her purse and beat her to the ground.

The boys fled down the alley, then abruptly turned back to steal her car, too.

The brazen attack on a Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis fit a familiar pattern among a spate of violent carjackings throughout the Twin Cities this year, a troubling surge that law enforcement largely attributes to small groups of marauding teens. In many cases, juveniles use the stolen vehicles to commit other strong-arm robberies.

“It’s open season out there,” said the woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because at least one suspect remains at large. “We’re not safe in this city.”



Susie Passons had just thrown the car in park, made an appointment on her phone and stepped out of the vehicle in the Fulton neighborhood, when four teenagers surrounded her.

The group shoved Passons to the ground, then pilfered her cellphone, bag and car — all in under a minute, before a bystander chased them off.

Ten minutes later, officers spotted her stolen black Audi less than 2 miles away, at a reported robbery outside a nail salon. The car has yet to be recovered.

Since the Oct. 23 attack, Passons has struggled to sleep and suffered flashbacks. For the first time in her life, she contemplated buying a gun.

“Today, women do not feel safe in Minneapolis,” she said. “Our once thriving city has become an utterly frightening place to live.”

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Re: Is this where all of the crickets went?

The liberal way would have been to crash the bus and burn it to the ground. And Brucie you have a problem with what they did?

Have to say you libtard's are some really trucked up people