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Re: or better yet

@johnaa wrote:

 Haaa ha this is so stupid, it really isn't funny, just pathetic.--->" I now understand your empathy for the descendants of African Slaves who burned Watts, created the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, and the Black Muslims it was something that happened in their ancestral history."  




An atheist blogger in Bangladesh has been stabbed repeatedly by  three suspected Islamist fundamentalists and is currently in critical condition  in a local hospital.

Asif Mohiuddin, 29, was attacked earlier this week as he was leaving work at  night in Dhaka, when a group of unidentified men jumped him and stabbed him  repeatedly. Mohiuddin is one of the nation's most well-known atheists, and runs  a Bengali blog titled "Almighty only in name, but impotent in reality," which is  one of Bangladesh's most visited websites.


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Re: or better yet

ROTFLMAO! I do enjoy a good Faust rant on occasion! Good job, John! Looks like you have found a dimtard to play cat and mouse with LMAO! Polynesian jokes. LMAO!!!!