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Islamic Victory Day

This is the day when Americans hand the muslims of the world another victory.  We will whine, make pretty poems, have all day news coverage and on and on.  They love it.  They are reminded of how we were "changed forever" by knocking down to ugly buidlings and raising the US death toll by 30 percent one day out of the last 3,287 days.  The loss to the families was devastating. So was the crash on US 50 last week.  Grow up America.


Everyone agrees they have the right to build the **bleep** mosque!  I hate that they are doing it!  Of course what they are doing is akin to raising a flag over conquered land!  But what I hate more is the fact that we are having a public debate over a private matter.  Hey put up a plaque at ground zero explaining the f'ing muslims purpose and explain that they fail because it turns out to be a tribute to liberty.


As for me, today I will quitely buy a few Qurans or is it Korans and have a weiner roast.  One hundred percent pork weiners.