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Isn't this...

Isn't this how the killer bes got started?

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Re: Isn't this...

A little different since the 'killer bees' were bred by cross breeding European honey bees with an African species to get a bee that could better survive in tropical areas.


The mosquitoes have been genetically altered to produce sterile progeny.


So the bees, which I think escaped a breeding program so were not 'released' intentionally, were bred conventionally to be a more aggressive insect than the original European bee but the mosquitoes have been developed through more precise gene manipulation to breed themselves out of existenace.


BTW the European bee is not native to North America either.

And genetically modified mosquitoes to breed infertility have been used before in other parts of the world to reduce mosquitoes.

Re: Isn't this...

I thought mankind wasn't supposed to mess around with mother nature.

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Re: Isn't this...Exactly



It is EXACTLY how jurrasic park started.


It's more than just a movie Smiley Surprised






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Re: Isn't this...

Mankind has been 'messing around' with nature for tens of thousands of years.

Do you know the history of corn?

Mankind deveolped it from a grass that does not look at all like our present day corn plant and that process started nerly 10 thousand years ago.


Breeding for better production is not new but what is new is more precision and the ability to add new genes deliberately rather than through random mutations.

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Re: Isn't this...

And now the progressive say we have franken food that will poison us.

Re: Isn't this...

All they would have to do is take the mosquito's biting device away....their gun if you will...and everything is a-ok.