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Senior Contributor

Re: Israel Joe's senate bill to censor Internet, forget 1st amendment

For Pete's sake Bart you can not even come to terms with the fact that the Clinton White House was spying on their Republican adversaries when they were caught  "accidentally" having over 500 FBI personal / security files on Repubs illegally in their possession.  Of course I'm sure you bought their story that it was all the fault of Craig Livingston, director of the White House's Office of Personnel Security whom know could remember hiring even though his only previous job related to security in any way was that of a bouncer for Washington DC bar.  Heck the Clinton White House could not even determine if they had 400, 700 or 900 FBI files illegally.  Weird how they couldn't found Hillary's subpoenaed billing records for over a year but had no trouble finding a way to illegally get their hands on restricted FBI files on Repubs.