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It had to be the Russians

I was shocked, really really, completely shocked when the first news came out about Hillary using her own email system.   It was an absurd thought.  No one could be that stupid.   Without absolute, locked down, extremely professional and very expensive service it would be extremely vulnerable.   Who would do that, why would you do that when a secure system (well more secure) was available from her employer?   No person with even a little technical savy would have told her it was a good idea.  The only reason for doing it would have been to avoid oversight and FOIA.    Assuming the system was hacked is like assuming if you lay a $100 bill on the sidewalk someone will pick it up.  Its not that hard for these systems to be hacked.   And for the dnc servers the same applies.


But this post is really about something a bit different.  It just re-enforces what I'm saying about even the most secure systems being hacked.   So when Trump joked about the Russians finding Hillary's lost emails, maybe he should have asked the Chinese.  (oh wait have you noticed, the good guys in some peoples eyes always tend to be communist)


Now, nearly eight years later, it appears that the agency botched the communication system it used to interact with its sources, according to five current and former intelligence officials. The CIA had imported the system from its Middle East operations, where the online environment was considerably less hazardous, and apparently underestimated China’s ability to penetrate it.

“The attitude was that we’ve got this, we’re untouchable,” said one of the officials who, like the others, declined to be named discussing sensitive information. The former official described the attitude of those in the agency who worked on China at the time as “invincible.”

Other factors played a role as well, including China’s alleged recruitment of former CIA officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee around the same time. Federal prosecutors indicted Lee earlier this year in connection with the affair.

But the penetration of the communication system seems to account for the speed and accuracy with which Chinese authorities moved against the CIA’s China-based assets.

“You could tell the Chinese weren’t guessing. The Ministry of State Security [which handles both foreign intelligence and domestic security] were always pulling in the right people,” one of the officials said.

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Our President

being a fully compromised Russian asset is a problem, though.They're more patient than predator priests, having groomed him for 30 years.


Whatabout Crooked Hillary aside.


As far as Randy Paul and the Authoritarian Libertarian movement being fully engaged in his defense, hard telling if that's just one of those quirky things he does or if there's something else there.

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dat funny

A technical post responded to by a recursive whatabout.