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Honored Advisor

It is 4:16 Monday evening

In less than an hour the first east coast presidential state winner projections should start rolling in on the NY Times & CNN websites.... 🙂


Lighten up......

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: It is 4:16 Monday evening

SW  - Will the real winner - actually  be  a  winner and  the  John Q Public be the biggggest looser -  so  goes  the  beltway circus---

Veteran Advisor

Re: It is 4:16 Monday evening

I figured Sniffy would've already declared himself the winner, like he did two hours before the second debate even began....

Tomorrow, he gets branded with a new label....LOSER!!! One befitting his overall image.


Tick Tock....

Honored Advisor

Re: It is 4:16 Monday evening

I'm looking at it this way 




Trump might have saved the public a few dollars.....but this caption could also read " an undocumented contribution to my Foundation Please"  or "The race is too close to call so we need your help"