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It is not just me

Not just me that thought the performance of the nominee was not what one would want from a justice of the supreme court.


In defending his name in an emotional and combative Senate hearing this week, U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh laid bare his partisan resentments — the kind of bitter tribalism that legal scholars warn could tarnish Americans' trust and faith in the top court's impartiality for generations.


perception is vital for the sanctity of a neutral Supreme Court, he said.

"It matters to the extent that people will want to accept the court's ruling as legitimate," Goldman said. "And if the court is considered simply another political body, people are going to ask: Why should we insulate these lifetime appointments from politics when they're so heavily involved in politics?"


Tobias believes the past week should give senators more misgivings about Kavanaugh's fitness to serve on the court, due to his unsubstantiated charges in his testimony about Clinton "revenge" and "left-wing" money.

"One of the important criteria [for a Supreme Court nominee] is judicial temperament," he said. "Unfortunately, this suggests he's partisan and very political."


But former Senate judiciary committee staffer Victoria Bassetti said she had never heard anything like Kavanaugh's partisan screed during his opening testimony on Thursday.

"Have you ever seen a justice — any judge — just literally light into an entire group of people and accuse them like that?" she said. "What he was demonstrating was deep-seated, transcendent, permanent, hard-to-knock-down loathing. Loathing of a group of people."


Without faith that the Supreme Court can make decisions in a dispassionate and honest way, Bassetti fears the worst for the institution. "It will slowly degrade, and ultimately even demolish the rule of law," she said.

If confirmed, Kavanaugh could rule for decades on the most important American court cases. And Bassetti expects women will remember the accusations levelled against him for a long time one way or another.

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Re: It is not just me

Not just you? You mean their are other foreign entities using social media to influence American politics?
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Re: It is not just me

You don't need facts. All you need is your belief and those who believe as you do.