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Esteemed Advisor

It is the Deep State's fault

insofar as when during the heart of the Cold War the Intel community was casting about for anti-communist intellectual figures to promote as a counterweight to prevailing liberalism in the West. They landed on figures like Rand, Hayek, Solzenitsyn and they (particularly Hayek's Chicago School buddies) did have substantial impact.

As far as what the Deep State sought- they got it. The ascendance of Reagan and Thatcher held the west together long enough for the Soviet Union to collapse. But the unintended cost was that from that point forward ('79-81), A Giant Sucking Sound began vacuuming the wealth and income away from the lower quintiles to the top and that has run continuously. Both nations had some interim "third way" leadership along the way that did relatively little to change the trend. The winnowing of the middle class over this timeframe and continuing (turbo) in the present is incontrovertable if you look at the data.

In this regard it is all similar to the CIA running the radical Madrasas in Pakistan in order to weaponize Islam against the Soviets in Afghanistan and inadvertantly lighting a match to much broader Islamic militancy.

An unintended consequence. Now, the highly concentrated wealth and power is looking to overthrow the Constitution before any of it gets clawed back. There might, or might not be a flaw there in the unlikely serendipity of Donald J. Trump as their standard bearer.