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bruce MN

It may not seem like much......

“Whether it’s the Cheneys, the Bushes or the lesser bloodlines — such as the Romneys or the Murkowskis — Trump has been relentless in his efforts to force them to bend the knee. Even CINDY MCCAIN, the widow of the late Sen. JOHN MCCAIN — who herself has never run for office — has been knocked down, censured by Trump allies who run the state Republican Party in Arizona. It’s the clearest sign that the modern Republican Party hasn’t just broken with its traditionalist past. It’s shredding every vestige of it.”

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bruce MN

But not to worry....

However...fear not.  


There is a long-standing belief on the right that Democratic Party victories are inherently fraudulent. They rely on massive levels of undetected fraud in Democratic-run cities teeming with lawlessness, and mobilize majorities who use their power to illegitimately redistribute wealth from its rightful owners to themselves.

The highbrow version of this belief has long been articulated in conservative organs such as National Review. Trump expressed a crude, lowbrow version, and employed crude, lowbrow tactics. Highbrow right-wing authoritarians look at their lowbrow cousins with contempt and embarrassment. The lowbrow authoritarians look at the highbrows as snobs and wimps. Ultimately, however, their shared beliefs outweigh their differences.


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Re: It may not seem like much......

Pretty good read, and I like the way the author goes for emotional appeal with the McCain widow. You would think that Trump threw her out on the street, stripped her of property, and ravished her, too. And she was of such impeccable character.

Trump threw the warmongering wing of the Republican party under the bus, and that bus is rolling on without them. I would think you would have been the first to have applauded that....guess you didn't mind the 5000 body bags coming home of kids that were no kin to you, and a lot of them had more of a tan than you like, also.

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Re: But not to worry....

It was certainly absolutely true back when the Immigrant/Catholic Democratic machines ran things in the cities.

But it hangs on as an urban legend because of the utility.

Although I’m hardly one to talk since I still regard the goings on in OH in ‘04 as deeply suspect.

That  was scathingly dismissed as preposterous by people on both sides of the aisle.

“An assault on the confidence in the electoral process that underpins our democracy.”

Like the Nebraska case, plane crashes involving key people tend to triple my level of suspicion. Although in fairness, Rove was involved in lots of other dirty stuff.

bruce MN

Becoming more convinced by the day....

...that in net terms, the country that wasn’t very interested in saving itself from itself may have been given an opportunity by the loss of the 2016 Presidential race by the anointed Democrat Candidate. I’m not sure Stephen King or Wes Craven could have written a script that could have come close to describing how those 4 years would have gone. Not to mention the power it would have consolidated and cemented in the plutocratic wing of the GOP.

Thanks David......

I’m not a particularly spiritual person, but see a couple of things as possibly having been indeed Providential. The primary one being having tripped over the person who would become my spouse and the Mother of our children. The result of that election just may have been another.

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you can have the neocons

fit better in your camp anyway.

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Re: Becoming more convinced by the day....

Equally on account of the fact that the future GQP was revealed to be a morally bankrupt sham/farce and The Biggest Loser rolled over it like it was Polish Lance Cavalry.

Guess what? Right back there, only worse.

Bring on the clown car.