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It might or might not depend on where you live

But for an increasingly larger % of Americans it might not be a great idea to have a heart attack, seriously infected appendix or a torn rotator cuff in the next few months.

Had friendly ph conversations yesterday  with a couple of MAGA friend from back where we used to live. My best half had seen on social media that they and some in their families had come down with Covid and we we wanted to express our concern for their health and offer our best wishes. Not to mention having grown up with them and we know hundreds of the same people, so just a good chance to “catch up”.

I made a special point of avoiding politics and the election etc.  They both tried numerous times and I deflected.

Not looking forward to another decade or so (hopefully) of guarded communications and relationships. But hard to see how that can be avoided as perfectly horrible as this is going to get. There isn’t going to be much trust held outside of walls anywhere, for a good long time.

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Re: It might or might not depend on where you live


Always tough for me to give slack to anyone who can't recognize an obvious con from a lifelong con man and deeply disturbed individual.