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It's Trumps fault?

It's Trumps fault that Jimmy Carter placed embargoes on agriculture and developed the production of agriculture in Brazil.

It's Trumps fault that we had what was called "the Green Revolution" where we exported our advanced agricultural techniques and seeds to the rest of the world and created competition.

It's Trumps fault that radical price increases in commodities spurred overproduction worldwide.

It's Trumps fault that African swine flu has wiped out 200 million Chinese pigs reducing the need for feed.

It's Trumps fault that previous Republican and Democratic presidents and congress's allowed the Chinese to steal our technology have a one sided trade advantage.

It's Trumps fault that Obama and his congress double our debt and borrowed from the Chinese putting us in a position of indebtedness to what what could be called either our competition at least or perhaps our enemy.



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Re: It's Trumps fault?

Democrats using MAGA



Re: It's Trumps fault?

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Re: It's Trumps fault?

Not going to disagree with most of your points Kurt but you do realize our yearly deficits have risen to the $1 trillion levels again after falling during the last few years under Obama? And forecasts are for them to stay that high for next few years.  US will need to sell more bonds to make up the difference and more than likely China will be buying bonds heavily again.  


I hope ole you are intelligent enough to know the increased tariffs are not going directly to the US Treasury. Instead the US consumers are footing the bill with higher prices.  Agree something needed to be done with China but between tax breaks for the wealthy and new added tax from the tariffs, Trump has expanded deficits and has put this country deeper into debt but we hear little about it from the right.