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It's just amazing, it really is.

So far only one republican has objected to trump's call to "terminate" the Constitution. Remember when Rick Wilson wrote last week after trump's poor showing in the 2022 midterms that trump still called the shots in the GOP, I guess he was right.

So much for the 270 republican Representatives and Senators who took an oath to protect & defend the Constitution.

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Senior Contributor

Re: It's just amazing, it really is.

You got bigger problems Dick. Apparently "Biden's" "Presidential" rental cars from Hertz went up in flames last week.


You better get the "SS" on that....😂😂😂

Maybe the military that took over when the insurrection act was implemented can help them figure out what burned the holes in the hoods of all those vehicles like the California wild fires a few years back...😂😂😂

I sure hope Trump doesn't suspend the Constitution! 😂😂😂