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It's never been about policy

The guy who wrote this article could have written it by never having done anything more than read 7 years of posts at this site from a handful of posters.


Re: the bagger facade:

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BA Deere
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Re: It's never been about policy

Well Trump is a "Teddy Roosevelt Republican" and the party had strayed from TR, that`s the short answer.  With Obama, everything that you guys think was "conservative"  just because John McCain  suggested it first....Smiley Very Happy...okay everything Obama and McCain have suggested and implemented has the ulterior motive of globalism..the free trade, the amnesty, open borders, meeeeaningful gun control..all that damned crap that`s meant to bring the F`ed up world closer together and lovey-dovey and nicey-nice and equal...we don`t want any of that damned crap, never have.  Oh we tolerated it for too damned long, but until Trump we`ve never had a candidate to accept the challenge.  We want national soverignty, we`ve worked and sacrificed too damned much to share with the rest of the world, let them make their countries great like we had to.

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Re: It's never been about policy

So, you and the rest of the F'd up people are quite willing to keep sending other people's kids to fight your damned wars!!  You don't want peace or "loveydovey" as you call it.  You want everyone to have a gun and the freedom to go "draw down" on the bad guys who you see behind every tree!  Yes sir, you are one fine Christian!   I go mine, you get yours!  Well, stay out of my sight douchey!!

Red Steele
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Re: It's never been about policy

I would definately agree that it's all about culture. Not skin color, no

matter how hard you liberal racists and the race baiters here on

the conservative side would like to make it.


The liberal mindset embraces a culture where work is not respected

or appreciated, where thrift and conservative values are ridiculed, 

and where a failure can go on about how others should pay his

tab in later life, while still spending money like a drunken sailer.


Obama's America. You see it everywhere. The unfortunate part is

that Obama is not the cause, only the canary in the coal mind

indicator of something horribly wrong.