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bruce MN

It should becoming evident...

...Sondland doesn’t want to go to jail. Seems that his wife is particularly concerned over it. 

He might be more than anything the reason The Speaker decided to go ahead and call for the full House vote. 

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Re: It should becoming evident...

Kinda hard to feel sorry for him.

Couldn't just enjoy being wealthy and successful, had to buy an ambassadorship for a $M.

Apparently he was a bit of a Nigel Farage character as well- said to see his role being to destroy the EU. Nothing Russia Russia Russia in that.

BTW, do you remember back when John Bolton was a darling of the right for being a brat at the UN?

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Re: It should becoming evident...



The thousand "we really got him now" moments were just practice for this one right Brucie? 😂😂😂


More of your liberal sources checking it out?  😂😂😂


You could have walked away, but you chose to go down with the ship...  you keep posting the daily failures of the deep state.  It makes a great record for posterity.  

People will look back in amazement and say....  After the 10th time nothing came of the propoganda they really didn't figure it out?   Were there really people that brainwashed?  

You are doing our country a great service Brucie.  Your written record or those like you will be used to serve as a warning to the generations to come.  Many thought what happened in Nazi Germany could never happen here.  But you've proved them wrong.  And I would suggest that with even greater fervor.  


Please continue....for posterity.  You will bring much humor to the masses.  


Re: It should becoming evident...

Sondland just had total recall ....... added three new pages to his previous testimony.  Lets just say he remembers a bit more.....  

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Re: It should becoming evident...

He remembered what Schiff told him to remember. Ain't working in the dark grand.