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Its not just the flu

Well many areas are opening

Up...which I believe in a month

or so it could be a mistake (I hope

I am wrong).

Looking at the data, last year flu

deaths were about 34,000 but

so far, over 80,000.

I have grown tired and intolerent

Of those thinking this is just a

Flu, a haux, on and on ad nausium.

Leadership has not a clue...

Saying no problems...which there

are...trump says no problem with

protective gear...then tell me why

my groups cant get them ?

A vp going to see patients...everyone wearing a mask ...but him.

That is irresponsible, not only

For his family, and those who

He works with....but the country.

He is second in command...if

Trump gets sick...its his duty...but

If he is sick....guess what...NANCY

is in there...

And we now have it in the white


Where from here...I dont know...

But we dont need a bunch of

fools posting little pictures and

The like.....grow up....this is the

Time we need the best of people

not the worst....if you cant help,

why dont you just shut up for a

While, we have alot of work and

healing to do.

We dont need a select few getting

their jollies from stiring the pot.



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Re: Its not just the flu

Interesting elcheapo how you failed to mention the total failure of governor Cuomo to keep the virus out of the nursing homes by sending infected patients into the nursing homes.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Its not just the flu

Im sorry, but I dont dont know

Much about como.  Ive been

Busy locally.

I can understand some things...

It has been a nightmare here,

And we didnt have it near as

Bad as new york.

Here is my worry....while we

Are off our peak daily infection

rate...while opening things up...

While it was encouraged people

Wear mask in public...such as

Grocery store, I would guess

1/3.  I watch on tv on the state

Network....few, if any wearing

masks....many of store people

But customers not.

As I said...while the daily infective

Rate is down....we still have

MORE new cases each

It is still around...and people

Mixing too much.

I would be more hopefull if

People would show more

Caution...but they are not.


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Re: Its not just the flu

I understand you're of poor health cheap, you should isolate yourself.   Explain to me why people should lose their business, their lives work, possibly their homes to protect you.

Most everyone will eventually get it.  You're going to have to accept that and isolate yourself until that phase passes.

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Re: Its not just the flu

I do not favor people doing as

You is bad....but in college

they told us you should have

6 months working capital.

I dont feel it is just because of

Me...this is attacking people of

all ages.

How do we do this....we are learning.  First....protective

Equipment such as mask, etc

Should be more readly available.

Second, to 6 foot rule (most likly 

Should be more), gathering limits.

We should be able to get back

To commerce then.

Packing plants....these companys

Can get safety equipment...and

Can modify the line....please dont

Tell me they cant afford to...was

In store, and the cheap 70 percent

hamburger was $4.99....some was

As high as $6.79 !!

We just be aware....but far too many are used to be "me me me".

Just as i'm seeing few people not

Wearing mask, when it is recommended (but part of the

Problem is getting masks.

That is one of the critical things

That SHOULD be worked on.

They need to be economical and

Easily available.  I looked into

Getting a machine and cost.

The aporox material cost for an

N95 is about 10 cents.  Machine

$350,000....clean room set up $10 to

20k, if you want sterile...which

Is not needed....add another $350k

For autoclave.

You can make more than 100 a

Minute...minium labor force..

It is all automated.

Maybe ford needs to make

Mask...rather than $50,000 vents.

No wonder ford, tesla and others

Jumped on board.. .far better

Margins than making cars !!


Senior Contributor

Re: Its not just the flu

Senior Contributor

Re: Its not just the flu

Cheap, Outside the high risk category, your risk of death is very, very small.  High risk people will need to be isolated for a good while into the future.  The rest of the country can not do that.

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Re: Its not just the flu

It sounds like Sam has put a value on human life. Sam, how much money will follow you to your final resting place?

Senior Contributor

hat tip to craig

@DG3186 wrote:

It sounds like Sam has put a value on human life. Sam, how much money will follow you to your final resting place?