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JFK and the CIA


The essential bones of the story have been in place for some time. The fascinating thing is how mass hypnotism carries forward regardless, based on tribalism as much as anything.


The most important impact of JFKs death was that it effectively killed off the political trajectory of The Greatest Generation of which Kennedy was the first standard barrier. They were the children of the New Deal, given to collective action. From that point forward they increasing were painted into a militarist caricature that better suited the purposes of empire.


The GI Gen were still young then and they bore considerable resentment toward the old men who'd placed them where the'd had to make enormous sacrifices.They beleived they could make a better world. That spirit died off rapidly from there with Vietnam and the machinations of one of the next GI presidents.


There's also a subplot whereby the old Anglo aristocracy that ran the CIA represented a tribe that was different from the immigrant Catholic America that JFK represented. Some faint echos of that in our present nativist movements but Kennedy did serve as a martyr who marked the point where Catholics officially became white.

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Re: Food for thought

The kennedy assassinations, first John and then Robert, the beginnings of a Kennedy dynasty with Ted in line for the future.  How does that conflict with the Bush dynasty with George Herbert Walker bush and then George W Bush with Jeb in the wings now.


Just pretend that perhaps George Herbert Walker held a position in the CIA and the cia was vexxed with JfK for his political stance on the Bay of Pigs and Viet nam which results in Kennedy's assassination and later on the murder of bobby. Was this a vast right wing effort to rid of the kennedy Dynasty and replace it with a Bush dynasty. Kind of hard to elect Bushes with Kennedys in the way!


Oh well there is all kinds of allegations such a Obama is a Muslim.. Why not suspect bush as an assassin? and Dubya a saudi puppet? The cia and the secret service as servants of the assassins. Trump as a do over McCarthy or is just a nazi fascist?


Too bad John jr had to die in that airplane "accident"!  Just think what might have been with 58K vietnam veterans living to old age with families of children and grand children. I laugh when I hear republicans say that their candidate would listen to the guys that know. The generals that know how to run armed conflict. Like the guys that wnted to nuke Cuba and the soviets and the guys that want to impose a no fly zone over Syria. Yeah they sure as hell know what they are doing.


Re: Food for thought

Counterfactual historical conjecture is fun but that's about it.


I don;t have rose colored glasses as far as what JFK might have done. There's a fair consensus that he didn't have the legislative skills that LBJ did and would have struggled to pass the voting rights act. And maybe that would have been a better thing, maybe if the time was coming anyway it would have worked out better to go a bit slower. Nobody can say.


And also there's not a very strong consensus on where he actually stood on VN and what might have happened other than it probably wouldn't have been a lot worse than how LBJ did.


And he was severly flawed as far as his personal behavior.


So I don;t know but it doesn't change the facts of the coup.