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Re: JOB Compete

So where are all the liberals and Democrats who scream about income inequality do they really want to tax the middle class to give tax breaks to the wealthy
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Re: JOB Compete

Im sure we will see marchers who want McDonalds and  to meet those amazon salaries.


We need to study the dichotomy of lifestyles that make up California right now....... The 40% that lives in poverty is the future for the rest of the country if Amazon is going to be the new Sears & Roebuck.  They are positioning themselves to serve the population growth areas, not the small towns of western Ks....... When three counties out of 105 can elect a governor,(The winner only won three counties)  How many drones are going to fly to Scott City or Meade.  Maybe a couple of ups trucks a year can deliver those internet purchases.  Or will we all move to the east and let ADM farm the west from the company stores.

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Re: JOB Compete

Hey SW, perhaps one day drones will get bigger, more efficient and deliver to those of us in the cheap seats.  But for now UPS, DHL and Speedy and Fed ex seem to deliver stuff (about anything) the next day, often cheaper and faster than your local NAPA store can get it for you.  


I`m a Green Acres fan and ol` Sam Drucker`s general store carried everything that the valley needed or it would come in on the Cannonball from Pixley if he didn`t have it.  Today though, there is just so much more and specialized stuff that we need.  Back in the good ol days a fan belt for a G John Deere might fit a M Farmall or a old Dodge car by adjusting the alternator/ generator a little.  But today nothing interchanges and to carry the needed inventory a business would get eaten alive on costs. 


Seems every town has a Dollar General and you can buy the staples to get by a gallon of milk, size 12 tennis shoes, can of spam and a can of corn and socks and a anniversary card  Smiley Happy  But all that isn`t enough for us these days..   I think they also carry SG straight 30 motor oil too   Smiley Happy

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Re: JOB Compete

Unfortunately the Cargill farm station will get regular drone delivery -- so maybe we can slip our Birthday cards to the kids into their return boxes.



Interesting how California could not stand to shut down electrical grid with high winds fliping their overheads  ---- we can't even keep wifi up in parts of ks  ---- lots of ks is 250+ miles from an amazon distribution site.  So if Utopia arives it is going to take a lot of federal assistance(borrowing)...    there is no logic left in the US.

Hard times coming...     1  where are we when the pay off on student loans is made when the social security check arrives.  2 When a state like California shuts down its agriculture because water needs can't be met as its largest growing demographic is poverty.


Technology potential is exponentially growing as our capacity to solve social problems declines.






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Re: JOB Compete

Sw, California is going to be something to watch.  With the rebuilding after the fire, is the insurance company going to put strings that "you can`t rebuild in a fire hazard area"?   I could see it happening and once that genie`s out of the bottle ...look out, it`ll start happening in Kansas.


But if a insurance company says we won`t carry you on this next house, do you rebuild in Paradise, California with a $3 million home again? 

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Re: JOB Compete

Here we go, you lit the "congressional" fire-----I don't build back  , but we have a lot of history of doing the same.....thanks to FEMA the hurricane coastal beaches are crowded with housing developments because congress underwrites every idiot idea that comes along.

Intelligence has been in a nose dive since easy access to borrowing (congress) and hyjacking of insurance by congress through FEMA.

Insurance gets demonized by politicians when in reality they just try to set limits on insanity.


There is a lot of ironic humor with some hiding behind "anonymity" coming.......... so here goes Smiley Happy


It all started when congress decided to treat us all as their personal children...... (it can be traced to the date women got the vote. ) Now the wives with maids are getting votes and serving in congress....... the one true law of nature is being ignored.....You do stupid things = you get hurt..  Should anyone be allowed to serve in congress that hasn't had their nose broken?

Not true now......Now we get a big house when the  25K shack is gone and the insurance appraisal becomes 500K(verified by like kind sales and property taxes)  it burns down or gets blown away and FEMA helps us stack the cost of the new one on the tax payers.

The nanny government is doing all it can to become the insurance industry (like the health care industry, the auto industry, etc etc etc.

Were not stupid ... congress is.  

We should see congress say "you build your house in harms way your uninsurable(close to a beach, cliff, forest, flood plain etc.  Get your junk out of the trees."  

People are not stupid, until their elected and told they have power,  Maybe our courts are really worse than we think.  Shouldn't they be nullifying every piece of legislation that has loopholes and waivers. or every law that cannot be explained in detail by the congressional authors?

But now we got insanity for all.

And women with Doctorate degrees and 6 figure salaries that cannot figure out how to pay their student loans(play dumb the tax payer will do it), and will trash it all for a political cause and a go fund me account or a cute piece of head gear and running shoes.

well that's over....



Before i turn into a history fragment... consider this BA.

You and I are midwest kids with electrical engineering degrees having a meeting in California discussing the obvious "Santa Anna" winds  You say "Winds are headed for 70mph gusts this afternoon, remember what happened in sw ks when all the pastures burned from those electric lines flipping?  Lets bring the danger areas off the grid without electricity for a few days, we are just too dry "  And I say "brilliant" a little inconvenience to prevent a disaster."........

By now we both would be jobless and back at the farm.  We would have saved over 100 lives and unknown property damage(hopefully) and cost California all thos billions of federal funds they need so desperately.


What a terrible position those guys were in ..... definitely a loose loose.... loose.


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Re: JOB Compete

See BA,  They can dish it out but they can't take it.


an embarrassment to leadership


Re: JOB Compete

I know most here don’t like this guy...but this sorta fits this thread:
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Re: JOB Compete

2018    nowAday   -  Fiddling  while  Rome  Burns,   OR,      another  Mission  Accomplished  -  your  call  ? 


Maybe  the  ''' EXPERTS ''''  at  the  causality  insurance  underwriters  could  wise  up   also  -  just  MAYBE  ?  ?      

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Re: JOB Compete

perhaps one day drones will get bigger, more efficient and deliver to those of us in the cheap seats.


"one day" is already here.

Toronto, ON, September 20, 2018, Drone Delivery Canada ‘DDC or the Company’ (TSX.V:FLT OTC:TAKOF), is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully assembled its team and infrastructure in the communities of Moosonee and Moose Factory, Ontario to commence its Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) Pilot Project ‘BVLOS Pilot Project’.

We intend to deploy our technology to support remote communities in Canada.”, commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada.  “DDC has created an innovative logistic solution for outlying communities which experience on-going and difficult infrastructure challenges. To address these challenges, we intend to deploy our technology, with the aim of establishing a ‘railways in the sky’ connecting communities to provide a just in time, cost effective means of delivery.”

The Robin X1400 is now fully integrated with DDC’s proprietary FLYTE management system and is capable of both larger payloads and greater flight ranges, of up to 60kms. Flight testing will commence in the second week of August, 2018.

The Robin X1400 (formerly the Raven X1400), as announced earlier this year will utilizes a state of the art dual payload deployment system which would allow both static and tethered cargo deployments. DDC believes the tethered deployment system is the future for delivery in urban settings. With the tethered solution, the drone never lands. It simply deploys its payload by tether while hovering above at a height of approximately 100 feet in the air.
“The Robin, with its 25lbs payload capacity and DDC’s new tethered cargo deployment system is an excellent addition to our expanding drone fleet offering yet another option to customers both in Canada, and abroad.”, commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO. “We wish to thank Transport Canada for allowing us to continue to expand our platforms capabilities with the granting of the SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate).”